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This blog tells you all about hacking. Mostly focusing on writing trojans and about all the essential software requirements.

Essential software for trojan writing

Posted by Kamran Zafar on 6:08 AM
The following is a list of all essential software you need to create a compact and stealth trojan.

1- BloodShed C++ or VS 6 (VB, VC++, etc), you need to know a lot about win32 API if you were to write a trojan for windows.

Once you are done writing your trojan you need.

1- ASPack - An exe packer to compress the size of trojan and libraries
2- ResourceHacker - A resource editor to change the trojan properties
3- XVI32 - A hex editor to change the signature of trojan
4- Hotfusion - A file binder to bound all dependencies like dlls and ocx with the trojan to create a single executable module and installer

Other useful software and libraries include: Sniper, Exe Icon Changer, etc...

Hijacking Windows XP admin account

Posted by Kamran Zafar on 5:45 AM
The Windows OS is full of surprises and vulnerable to hackers. It is very easy to hijack the local admin account by exploiting the a little loop hole in security. Suppose you have a limited user account on windows machine, now if you follow the below steps you will end up gaining admin access to that machine.

1- Go to the system32 folder and copy logon.scr and cmd.exe to a safe location so that they can be backed up once you are done.
2- Now delete the logon.scr file from system32.
3- Rename cmd.exe to logon.scr in the system32 folder.
4- Run logon.scr

This last step will open a command prompt with full admin access.

5- Now from the command prompt open lusrmgr.msc by typing it in.

lusrmgr is a tool to manage user.

6- You can now unlock the admin account and set a new password
7- Restore the backed files

Now you can logout and login as admin user.